5 Basic Tips on How to Write a Really Good Guest Post

Writing a guest post

Writing a post is talent which one possesses. It is not a matter of joke. It is not possible for everyone to really write a good guest post. It requires lots of attention, care and hard work. You will be wondering about what is guest post. A Guest Post is a kind of writing which includes informative data explained elaborately in the form of a passage which is posted in any blogs. A Good post must be of written in such a way that it is beneficial to the readers as well as the blog where it is to be posted. If the readers of the post are benefited then automatically those readers will share your post and hence the blog where you have posted will also be benefited as it generates organic as well as referral traffic to the blog. Before starting a guest post you must keep in mind the five basic tips that helps you write a really good guest post.

Have a good Knowledge of your Audience

If you genuinely want to write a good guest post don’t just do a guess work by writing this and that on your post. Research on the type of audience for whom you are about to write a post. Which thing will benefit your target audience? Who are actually your target audience. Research on keywords that are searched by most of the people. There are keyword research tools like KeywordTool.io that helps you get a rough idea about the most searched keyword by the users related to your business.

You may take the help of Question and Answer website like Quora where if you search any question related to the type of your product, you will find number of queries of the people regarding the product similar to your product. You just have to analyze the queries of the people and give a remedy to all the queries in your post. As a result people will get their answers if they read your post.

Use of Proper Headline

Just because it is a format of post that you have to add a headline, don’t just use any of the headlines that doesn’t have any search volume. No matter how much beneficial your post is, if will turn into a dissatisfactory result if you don’t use a proper headline. Use a meaningful headline with average search volume on any search engine. You can use tool like Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule that helps you choose proper headline for your post.

Not only headline your post must also contain a subheadings and the contents of the post must be very precise. You can use bullets to indicate all the main points of the post.

Use images in your Post

Just keep in mind that you have to make your post interesting. Imagine you are reading any article without any images. Will that article be interesting to you? No, it will not only be boring to you but also to other readers of that article.

Try to use proper image that matches with the topic of your post. Try to add image with every paragraph of your post which is relevant to the topic discussed in the paragraph. Just remember that images are stored in mind for a long time then just a simple writing.

Avoid Repetition

It is very essential that you don’t repeat any topic. Repeating things turns your post into a boring matter. It is not mandatory that you have to make your post long by giving the same information too many times just for the sake of making your post longer. Write short post but very precisely to the point.

Don’t mention anything in a roundabout way. Always try to keep your post simple. Keep in mind that if your post is simple it will be easy to understand and your audience will not lose interest  while reading your post.

Apply Call-to-Action Method

After keeping all the points to write a good guest post in mind your final task will be to apply Call-to-Action in your post. It is a process of appeal to the readers to your post that if they like your post they can share it on various social media platforms. Use strong, provoking and enthusiastic words that provokes the readers to automatically share your post on their social media timeline.

Keep in mind to follow the comment section of your post and don’t forget to edit your post accordingly.

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Top 5 USB Gadgets you need to try

Top 5 USB Gadgets

The Invention of USB gadgets is a revolution in today’s world. To some extent these Gadgets have made life easier as they are much handy products. These gadgets can be used in our daily life as important things. They are not only used while you are in home but also can be used where ever you want. For example, you can use them while you are travelling or you are in home and there is a power cut, no matter in what conditions you are. What you need is just a power source. These gadgets can draw power from your laptop or from your power bank and can be very handy sometimes when required. Some of these gadgets are elaborately discussed below with every detail or you can say with their descriptions.

Coffee Warmer

These are gadgets that are used for keeping your coffee, tea or milk warmer. These gadgets are usually known as mug heaters. They can maintain a temperature of 60 degree Celsius or up to 140 degree Fahrenheit. It doesn’t require any battery for its operation. The heating element has the diameter of 7.92 cm or 3.12 inches. The price of these devices generally starts from $10 to $50 or more. It is incapable of heating any beverages but is capable of keeping the beverage warm.


It can be of two types. One is of normal USB Type and another is of Type-C . Both has to draw power from different power source. A general USB type fan can draw power from your Laptops or from your power bank and Type-C portable USB fan can draw power from your Type-C port mobile phone. Both these types of fans drain very less battery from the device from where it is taking the power. Its price starts from $10 and can reach a limit of up to $2000 to $3000. Generally they are made of brushless motor for long lasting and quieter cooling. Its rating is as low as 5 volts and power consumption is 1 watt.

Thermoelectric Cooler Warmer

You might have heard about USB refrigerators. But do you know in a single USB device you can keep your bottle of water or a can of beer cool and can you imagine vice-versa is also possible. That is you can also keep your drinks hot as well as cool. This gadget drops to its lowest temperature in less than 15 minutes if plugged in. It is compatible with PC, car USB port, your power bank and also other USB power source. It doesn’t require any batteries for its operation. Its characteristics are its lightness, portable and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its capacity is to hold a bottle of drinks ranging from 350ml to 600ml. Its price starts from $20.

LED USB lights

These USB gadgets are very useful especially when there is a power cut or you are working in dark and suddenly require some light, you just have to connect this device with your laptop, PC, or your power bank and you will obtain a decent light which is sufficient to see objects on your working table. Imagine you don’t need to get up from your chair and turn the lights on. It has a rated voltage of 5 Volts and consumes power of 1.2 Watts. Its weight is also very light. Can be very useful in case of emergency.

Westminster world’s smallest blower

It is a gadget that is must required for your electronic device. It is very handy product for cleaning your laptop’s keyboard and other ports where dust accumulation takes place. It is not only useful for your laptop but also for all your electronic devices where there are chances of dust accumulation.

The gadgets that are described above are of much importance and will be beneficial to you as they are portable and too much handy and can be used whenever required. They are very much energy efficient and also cost effective. All the gadgets with their specifications that are mentioned and discussed above will be required if you are interested in buying them and as you have acquired a detailed knowledge about them from this blog you will definitely be able to select the right one for you.

6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Instagram Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing is considered to be one of the most important marketing strategies in the field of digital marketing. What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? It is the process of sharing your business to others through various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. In other words you can say that it is the method of promotion of your product on these platforms. You can just share your product on your timeline and make it visible to public or else there is a provision for paid promotion which is provided by the social media platforms mentioned above in this paragraph.

It is valuable for your business because through social media your business will be known to the world with just simple sharing tricks, strategies or by paid promotion offered by these social media platforms. The thing which you have to do is to make or create innovative ideas that will be reflected through your contents that represents your product. Do something creative, create contents that are beneficial to the people who are viewing your products. This strategy will lead to huge sharing of your product on these social media platforms.

Today lets discuss about one of these social media marketing platforms (Instagram). What strategies you must adopt to make your product a brand through Instagram Marketing.

Post Frequently

It’s not that one day you post 10 to 15 contents and remained silent for 10 to 15 days. Where all your posts will be lost that not only people but also you won’t be able to find your product on public timeline. So what is your task then? Your post frequency must be consistence. You needn’t post 10 to 15 contents but maintain 2 to 3 post from your side on regular basis. Instagram stories also allows you to create a short video of about 15 seconds where in that short duration also if you try you can create a short video of your product with some innovative thoughts. This makes your product popular

Offer best deals to your Target Audience

Giving exciting offers to your customers through Instagram also brings visitors to your website. Give genuine offers like if any customer clicks his photos along with your product  and shares in his Instagram timeline, he will be rewarded with gifts or will be able to use a promo code provided by you to the customer on any products he buys from you next time. By doing this you will obtain more customers who are attracted by your offer.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Working with a professional on Instagram can be effective way to promote your product. This is possible because an Influencer has already secured a large number of visitors as he/she has been working as a professional from many years. Give him all the access of your Instagram Profile. Let him decide what is the best way of promotion of your product via his profile on Instagram. This process really brings some genuine customers to you.

Use Hashtags as your Weapon

Inclusion of hashtags brings genuine followers for your business page. You need to provide at least 10 to 12 hashtags for a single post which are relevant with the content of the post. Research on some common hashtags and create your content accordingly and add those hashtags with your content. Use more niche specific hashtags that results in immediate increase in your followers

Link Your Profile

Linking your profile is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Use Bitlink in your profile so as to understand how many unique clicks through Instagram you are getting for your content.

Use your Followers

Any successful business doesn’t only respond to comments but also comments on others post. You can create outbound awareness by engaging yourself with other business post that matches with your business. This is a time taking but a solid process to make your product a brand.

Don’t be de-motivated. Always try to follow success story of organizations who have followed this path of Instagram marketing to achieve success for their product. If possible try to connect with them and ask for their suggestions about how to promote your business through Instagram Marketing.

Benefits of Guest Blogging and Blogging on Your own Website

Benefits of Blogging

In the field of Digital Marketing, Blogging plays an important role. To start with you must first have the knowledge of Blogging. Basically, it is the process of increasing traffic of any website by including genuine content which is relevant with the website’s niche. The content must be unique, grammatically error free and most importantly it must be experimentally tested. In short if we describe Guest Blogging it is a method of contributing to others blog and get a link to your own blog which increases the authority and traffic of your website. Also, you can be the author for your own website. In this blog we will deal with the benefits of Guest Blogging and blogging on your own website.

Benefits of blogging on your own website:

Not only blog sites, your website may be on some products or services but It is necessary to have a blog section on your website. Because it helps to describe the services or products properly. You must describe your product in such a way that people just say “Wow! what a tremendous product” and as a result your sells will increase. Also, it has more benefits…

Your website gets better feedback from Social Media

Now that people have started liking your blog as they are benefitted through your blogs, they will share your blog on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

As a result of mass sharing you will obtain visitors from those social media platforms mentioned above which in turn increases the authority of your website.

Enhances the authority of your website

Authority generally means that your website’s content is acknowledged by knowledgeable people in the industry. The question that arises from it is why anyone will praise your website despite the availability of thousands of websites that have the same niche which your website has. Tell me one thing, if your website has genuine, experimentally tested content that are beneficial for the readers of the blog who lands on your website, why one will not appreciate your blog?

So, if your website contains genuine content automatically you will obtain authority of your website and more people will share your blog.

Increases the Organic Traffic of your website

As we have mentioned about organic traffic it is our responsibility to make you understand what Organic Traffic is. Organic Traffic means to bring visitors to your website naturally referred by Google or Bing without the reference of any others blog.

How Organic Traffic Actually works? Suppose your website has some genuine contents and is related to some specific topics and if your blog has some experimentally tested values than Google or Bing will show your website on the top of their search page if the search results by the users matches the topic that your website has. This process is natural and doesn’t require a single penny of yours if you are a good blogger.

Some of the benefits of Guest Blogging are discussed below

As mentioned above Guest Blogging is an important aspect of Digital Marketing or you can say that it is the Heart and Soul of any SEO project. Any project you are performing related to SEO, one of the major parts is to include Guest Blogging among the various other process such as Citation Building, Social Media Marketing etc. As it is the core of SEO then definitely it will generate some real values while performing SEO for your website. Some of those values that you will obtain from Guest Blogging are:

Obtains high Quality links for your website

High quality links are also termed as quality backlinks. If you contribute your blog to any other high authority sites, depending upon the genuineness and uniqueness of your blog, if those sites accept your blog then you will obtain a quality link to your own website from those high authority sites.

As the number of visitors on those high authority sites is high and if you obtain a backlink from those sites’ visitors will land on your website by clicking on those backlinks that you have obtained from those quality websites.

Guest Blogging also Pays off

Let us consider you have become a quality blogger after years of blogging experience for your website. Now you will be astonished to hear about the fact that you will be paid a lump sum amount for your blogging.

Yes, there are certain sites that pays for your quality of writing a great content on any topics. Just imagine none of the abilities of yours in terms of Guest Blogging are being wasted.

While concluding this blog it is worthy to say that if you are a good blogger than you must utilize all your talent of creating good content. It will not only be beneficial for your own website but also to the visitors who lands on your website. If you have such kind of potential don’t just waste it. Go ahead and built your career as a Guest Blogger and be on the top of the world.

Increase the Brand Value of your Product

Let’s just say that you are owner of certain product. Those types of products are also available on markets as competition is very high now-a-days. So, what is that thing that will give you a place on such type of competition?

If some high authority websites like Forbes refer your website then it will increase your brand value not only on Google but also users too. It is possible to get a link/reference from a high authority site by guest Post or guest Blogging.

5 Tips for Newbie Marketers

Newbie Marketers

It is a challenge for any Company to survive in today’s world especially when the competition is too high. If you are planning to start a new company you have to follow various aspects of any business. Only having the knowledge of business will not help. Starting a company is just like constructing a new building or a bridge. As new buildings or bridges stands on a number of pillars and it has to be designed in a scientific way starting from base to the top of a building, your business must also have such kind of planning and pillars. With business prospective these pillars are your hard work, your determination, your futuristic thinking, your planning and as you are about to start a new business your marketing technique which is of much importance to any company whether the company has become a brand now or a company which is struggling to survive for its existence.

You might have one question in mind that planning, futuristic thinking, determination and hard work are required for starting a new business and to run a company, then what is the importance of marketing for any new or existing business? You just think one thing that how come one know about your product if you will not put any effort to make your product or business known to the world. This effort of introducing your product to the people through various ways is termed as marketing and which you must do in every stages of your business whether you have just started your business or you have become a brand. This pillar or you can say marketing will help your business to survive a longer life much more than what you have expected. Here in this blog we will provide some of the tips of marketing which helps your business to grow rapidly like a fungus. Being a new marketer, you must follow these 5 Tips that are mentioned below.

Research the Market

First and foremost, thing that you have to do is to research the market. What kind of research do you do? Firstly, you have to identify that how much is the competition of your product with similar other products that are available in the market? Why people will only buy your product instead of similar products that are available? How do people are benefitted if they use your product? How you make your product unique from other similar products? Who are your target customers? Find the answer to all these questions by your researches and your first stage of marketing will be cleared.

Design a new Website for your Business

Now that you have cleared the first stage of marketing you have to design a new website for your business as it is of much importance in today’s digitized world. Your website must contain every details of your product. No minor to minor detail must be left out starting from price to the product description. Your website must have a transparent picture of your product.

Get Suggestions from a Professional Marketer

As your business is new and you are a new marketer it will be better for your business if you get suggestions from a professional marker whose only job is to do marketing for any company. It is not necessary that you must hire a professional. The person can be your family member, your friend, your co-worker or anybody else who has a experience in the field of marketing. You will automatically learn their strategies of marketing if they suggest you.

Use of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a part of internet marketing. By the technique of Email Marketing you can promote your business through emails. The main purpose of Email Marketing is to grow a fruitful relationship between clients or customers. The mails that we obtain as spam or junks are an example of Email Marketing. Emails are sent automatically to the customers if they enter their email ids on your website. You can also collect emails of customers by exchanging of blogs.

Promotion on Social Media

It is a basic fact that most of us use Social Media to share our thoughts and our daily activity with the world. It is from social media that we are so much aware of the happenings that are taking place around us on daily basis. So sharing your product on social media as a marketing technique will be highly beneficial for your business. One day this technique of sharing your product on social media can transform your product into a brand.

The tips which we have tried to cover in this blog will be highly beneficial to your business and your product if you are a new marketer. These were the primary steps of marketing which you must definitely follow if you want to see your business twinkling like a star on sky or glowing like a beacon.

5 tips to Promote your New Business

Promote your New Business

Starting a new business is like planting a tree. While gardening the care which one takes toward the plants, the same care must be taken for your new business. Various elements are required for a plant to grow into a tree and in the same manner there are different elements which transforms your new business into a brand. You must consider your new business as your own new born baby and also take care of your new business as a baby is taken care of by his parents. There are several methods that includes promotion of your new business that really helps your business grow like plants. Let us discuss some of those methods that helps your new business shine like a diamond.

Make your Business Visible

It must be your first priority to make your business visible. Now what is your task for making your business visible? You must be involved in different communities so that there are more chances of enhancement of promotion of your new business. You must participate in events that are taking place around you where you can promote your business or if you want to save money put up stalls in any school events where you can showcase your products.

Target Social Media

Not only new business but also the business which has become a brand must target social media as a platform for promotion. Most of the people now-a-days use social media to stay updated instead of watching news channel. And why not, any trending news will be shared at a lightning fast speed on social media rather than on news channel. As social media is a trending entertainment platform, people browse pages of social media and if your new business is listed there, definitely your business will also appear on their wall or page of social media. In this way your new business will be known to maximum people.

Form a Network

Forming a network is also another key factor for any new business. Forming a network means to join any business clubs, industry group and also join various events organized by them. Most of these large organizations and large industry groups promotes small business and their products. Start interacting with customers, collect business cards try to develop relationships with as many people as possible so as to develop a long-term business prospective.

Citation building

Citation building or Business listing is also an effective way to promote your new business. Try to list your business on famous directories and local citation building sites. Suppose you manufacture a certain product and if people need that product, they will search from those directories or from those local citation building sites and from there they can easily find your product. If your product is well liked by people then they will also give good rating to your product on those directories which helps you obtain more potential customers.


Enroll and showcase your business on various trade shows and events. Contact various event management organizations or agencies to learn about business exhibition. There are many such organizations who promotes small businesses through their event management programmers. And believe me they are most of the time budget friendly.

Don’t just waste your time thinking that you will do this, you will do that with your business and ultimately nothing is fulfilled. Try to turn your dream into reality by your hard work, determination and dedication towards your business. Stay focused on your work and you will become a brand which you had dreamt of from so many years.

Dofollow Guest posting sites list (Free)

Guest posting sites list

There is no difference between free posting site or paid posting site or guest posting site in Google’s eye.Only thing is that you need to create the backlink naturally .Guest blogging still pays off in different ways.Here in this blog we are going to share some blogs where you can publish content instantly.

Free Guest Posting Sites