6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

Instagram Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing is considered to be one of the most important marketing strategies in the field of digital marketing. What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? It is the process of sharing your business to others through various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. In other words you can say that it is the method of promotion of your product on these platforms. You can just share your product on your timeline and make it visible to public or else there is a provision for paid promotion which is provided by the social media platforms mentioned above in this paragraph.

It is valuable for your business because through social media your business will be known to the world with just simple sharing tricks, strategies or by paid promotion offered by these social media platforms. The thing which you have to do is to make or create innovative ideas that will be reflected through your contents that represents your product. Do something creative, create contents that are beneficial to the people who are viewing your products. This strategy will lead to huge sharing of your product on these social media platforms.

Today lets discuss about one of these social media marketing platforms (Instagram). What strategies you must adopt to make your product a brand through Instagram Marketing.

Post Frequently

It’s not that one day you post 10 to 15 contents and remained silent for 10 to 15 days. Where all your posts will be lost that not only people but also you won’t be able to find your product on public timeline. So what is your task then? Your post frequency must be consistence. You needn’t post 10 to 15 contents but maintain 2 to 3 post from your side on regular basis. Instagram stories also allows you to create a short video of about 15 seconds where in that short duration also if you try you can create a short video of your product with some innovative thoughts. This makes your product popular

Offer best deals to your Target Audience

Giving exciting offers to your customers through Instagram also brings visitors to your website. Give genuine offers like if any customer clicks his photos along with your product  and shares in his Instagram timeline, he will be rewarded with gifts or will be able to use a promo code provided by you to the customer on any products he buys from you next time. By doing this you will obtain more customers who are attracted by your offer.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Working with a professional on Instagram can be effective way to promote your product. This is possible because an Influencer has already secured a large number of visitors as he/she has been working as a professional from many years. Give him all the access of your Instagram Profile. Let him decide what is the best way of promotion of your product via his profile on Instagram. This process really brings some genuine customers to you.

Use Hashtags as your Weapon

Inclusion of hashtags brings genuine followers for your business page. You need to provide at least 10 to 12 hashtags for a single post which are relevant with the content of the post. Research on some common hashtags and create your content accordingly and add those hashtags with your content. Use more niche specific hashtags that results in immediate increase in your followers

Link Your Profile

Linking your profile is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Use Bitlink in your profile so as to understand how many unique clicks through Instagram you are getting for your content.

Use your Followers

Any successful business doesn’t only respond to comments but also comments on others post. You can create outbound awareness by engaging yourself with other business post that matches with your business. This is a time taking but a solid process to make your product a brand.

Don’t be de-motivated. Always try to follow success story of organizations who have followed this path of Instagram marketing to achieve success for their product. If possible try to connect with them and ask for their suggestions about how to promote your business through Instagram Marketing.

5 tips to Promote your New Business

Promote your New Business

Starting a new business is like planting a tree. While gardening the care which one takes toward the plants, the same care must be taken for your new business. Various elements are required for a plant to grow into a tree and in the same manner there are different elements which transforms your new business into a brand. You must consider your new business as your own new born baby and also take care of your new business as a baby is taken care of by his parents. There are several methods that includes promotion of your new business that really helps your business grow like plants. Let us discuss some of those methods that helps your new business shine like a diamond.

Make your Business Visible

It must be your first priority to make your business visible. Now what is your task for making your business visible? You must be involved in different communities so that there are more chances of enhancement of promotion of your new business. You must participate in events that are taking place around you where you can promote your business or if you want to save money put up stalls in any school events where you can showcase your products.

Target Social Media

Not only new business but also the business which has become a brand must target social media as a platform for promotion. Most of the people now-a-days use social media to stay updated instead of watching news channel. And why not, any trending news will be shared at a lightning fast speed on social media rather than on news channel. As social media is a trending entertainment platform, people browse pages of social media and if your new business is listed there, definitely your business will also appear on their wall or page of social media. In this way your new business will be known to maximum people.

Form a Network

Forming a network is also another key factor for any new business. Forming a network means to join any business clubs, industry group and also join various events organized by them. Most of these large organizations and large industry groups promotes small business and their products. Start interacting with customers, collect business cards try to develop relationships with as many people as possible so as to develop a long-term business prospective.

Citation building

Citation building or Business listing is also an effective way to promote your new business. Try to list your business on famous directories and local citation building sites. Suppose you manufacture a certain product and if people need that product, they will search from those directories or from those local citation building sites and from there they can easily find your product. If your product is well liked by people then they will also give good rating to your product on those directories which helps you obtain more potential customers.


Enroll and showcase your business on various trade shows and events. Contact various event management organizations or agencies to learn about business exhibition. There are many such organizations who promotes small businesses through their event management programmers. And believe me they are most of the time budget friendly.

Don’t just waste your time thinking that you will do this, you will do that with your business and ultimately nothing is fulfilled. Try to turn your dream into reality by your hard work, determination and dedication towards your business. Stay focused on your work and you will become a brand which you had dreamt of from so many years.