Jun 302017
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How To Earn Money From Google Ad Sense

Google Adsense works very well once you know what you are doing and in my opinion it is by far the easiest method of making a lot of money online. When you have your systems in place, Google Adsense sites can just keep churning money for you day in day out.

You will need to have an account with Google Adsense in order to be able to earn money from the system. You will need a website before you apply for an account. Do not apply to any program unless you have a good and professional looking website or blog online.

If you are using a blog in your application, use Blogger Blogs in applying for Adsense. If applying to affiliate or CPA networks, WordPress Blogs are a better option as there are many more templates and plugins available for them.

Google Adsence Guide for Quick Approval

  1. Always use your real contact information in your application form and in the “contact us” page of your website. People reviewing your application often do check that your details are genuine.
  2. Do not ever use a free email address in your application. You should use an email address that is the domain of the site or blog that you are submitting in your application.
  3. Choose a broad topic for your domain.If a site is too specific, the network may reject you as they may not have any offers that will be suitable for your niche website.
  4. Avoid using hyphens if you can. If you must, stick to a maximum of two hyphens. Anything beyond that starts to look like a spam site.
  5. If you are in a hurry, you can just create a blog from Google’s Blogger and add 10 original articles of good content. You will not to spread the adding of these articles over a few days.
  6. The website needs to be clean and informative. Do not fill it up with ads from other networks when you are making your applications. There should no monetization on your website.
  7. The site must look professional by using attractive ready made templates on it.You can try to include a relevant image on your homepage or at least include pictures on your internal pages also, that will be even better.
  8. Have at least 10 pages or posts on your website or blog.each and must offer useful information on the subject. This can very quickly be outsourced.
  9. Alternatively, you can just completely rewrite articles already present in the many article directories available. You need to give the impression that you are knowledgeable about your niche.
  10. Make sure the whois information for the domain that you will use in your application is not hidden or private. People reviewing your application sometimes like to check the whois details of your domain name. If you are hiding it, they may think that maybe you are not who you say you are and reject your application.
  11. Make sure that the “Contact Us” page on your website matches exactly the details that you used to register the domain name that you will be submitting in your application.
  12. Make sure you have a “About Us”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Contact Us” pages on your website. If you are not sure what to put in your Privacy Policy, there are plenty of free privacy policy generators that you could use.

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