Jul 042017
Newbie Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

How To Make Blog, Setting Up a Blog Correctly

I'm not an IM expert, I'm not even making good money yet, I'm a total newbie, got into this whole "make money online" a few years ago with the intention to well... make money! As a total newbie, starting your own blog, I want to dig deep into Internet Marketing and figure out all the secrets.

So anyway when I started out I got terrified of the blackhat methods available online. I didn't want to be seen anywhere near those sites. Also I had a great plan – I'll just buy a new (non-keyword) related address, make a blog (I found out what WordPress was later) and post an article a day promoting Clickbank product I found interesting. After that millions will just start rolling in, yeah! Rock solid and brilliant plan.

Here's how to write blogs avoiding the following mistakes a blogger should.

    1. Having the click-button “make-money-instantly mentality
    2. Keyword stuffing the newly created word press site my keyword density was around 10
    3. Not buying a used domain that would both be cheaper and I shouldn’t wait for it to age
    4. Blasting the same new domain with tools like Senuke & Scrapebox without proxies and with comments like "Yeah great site!" (of course using my keyword as the name while doing it)
    5. Not making a .txt files of my links, user names and account addresses
    6. Keeping my important files all over the computer and unsorted
    7. Not understanding Google is all about diversity and randomness
    8. Spending time/money/energy jumping form one new money making technique to the next without sticking with the plan long enough to see if it will work for me or not.
    9. Spending time and money promoting Clickbank products I should of let go before 1000 hops – no sales
    10. Making 10 links and checking my new Google rating every 5 minutes
    11. Believing what I read/see in software/education materials sales copy
    12. Believing what other people say about software's and techniques and dropping what I'm doing just because somebody, somewhere said that it sucks or rocks
    13. Same goes for outsourcing "yes, a lot of people do deliver, but take a few minutes and ran the links through scrapebox or manually check them (also post a review whenever you buy sth. to help out other members of the forum)
    14. Believing product creators that their product converts over 5% (yeah,right)
    15. Not believing in the power of article marketing (and I don't mean just article directories but also the web 2.0) and the proven techniques cause they require work and dedication
    16. Almost killing myself over the first Google dance (well not literally but you get the point)
    17. Obsessing over details and spending time trying to figure it out instead of taking action and getting experience paralysis by analysis
    18. Not taking enough time to learn how to utilize the new software's I crossed path with and then calling them useless or not effective.
    19. This might be the biggest one – not trusting my instincts and being afraid of trying out the new stuff
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