Jun 292017
Internet Marketing Challenges

This is just a wake-up call and hopefully a motivator. In all my time on IM, reading and digesting, discarding and collating, perfecting and tweaking, twisting and changing, I have noticed in amongst the gargantuan plethora of information that ridiculous questions are still posted regularly. Yes. Retarded, ridiculous, and fucking STUPID questions are asked. This is of course drowned out mostly by good discussions and a general spirit of good natured contribution and education. So I thought maybe it was time to chip in with a little bit of what I have learned in the last few years at IM.

Internet Marketing Challenges Frustrations

Internet Marketing Challenges and Frustrations

Here are some of the realities in Internet Marketing that you need to know.

  • Yes, you do have to constantly add new FB friends.
  • Yes, you do have to linkbuild and network like a fucking fiend to compete.
  • Yes, you need a plan.
  • Yes, you do need to take action.
  • Yes, you need to re-invest if you want long-term success
  • Fucking NO, you will NOT be rich tomorrow.
  • Yes, you really do have to fill in 30 CPA applications.
  • JESUS CHRIST NO! No-one is going to spoon feed you.
  • Yes, you will need to use your mind and create your OWN spin on things.
  • YES, you need to have knowledge of/interest in your niche or product.
  • Work now, play later. The online millionaires didn't jerk off for 5 years to become rich. (They are jerking off now though).
  • Yes, you will have to stay awake until 4am linkbuilding/posting/researching/keywording/blogging.
  • Yes, you will have to log out of World of Warcraft/Call of Duty/Gaia if you ever want to begin making some bank.
  • You will have to do some work, if you want to make money.
  • NO, an eBook will not make you serious money UNLESS YOU ARE SELLING IT or the method can't be saturated!
  • Yes, you will need to use your mind and create your OWN spin on things.
  • No, there is still NO EASY WAY. End of.
  • You WILL need help of some kind from a friend or someone.
  • YES, it is possible to make money, and bucketloads of it, online.
  • Ask the right questions, and you will often answer them yourself.
  • Most importantly: Learn how to ask the right questions.
  • Test your method for MORE than one day. Just because it doesn't work overnight, doesn't mean it's FAIL.

This may all sound like negativity, but in fact what it is, is reality. When I first got into this game, I thought I could become rich in weeks (LOL). Inevitably I got the scammed out of me by the big boys and I fell for about 4 get rich programs, before I realised that I was IN THE WRONG POSITION. That's right. I thought "It should be me at the top". And now, it almost is. Thanks to IM.

I am now in the process of scaling up, and anything else I do is just for fun, shits and giggles. So I hope the 24 reality checks above will motivate you.

  • You should take action
  • You can't expect to be spoonfed
  • Your method is shit/cool/needstweaking
  • You're a fucking idiot for asking something so stupid

They are doing so because they KNOW. They have done the work. They have realized the 24 things above already.

That's right. They KNOW. Come here to learn. Do not,I repeat do NOT come here to be spoon fed and hugged because it won't happen.

The good thing is, you are not a choke off. You found IM. Now use it.


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