Feb 092017
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What is Pinterest and How Does It Work?

Pinterest is a great website that has utilized both the social and business features of the web. You should have interest in Pinterest as it impacts engine ranking, backlinks, branding, social footprint and website traffic. With Pinterest you can generate New Patient Prospects as well.

Pinterest is a great place on the web where one can store their interests, collections, ideas and plans for the future. Instead of keeping a tiny journal, a plan for the future has now become something that will be supported by friends and family. You can easily share your life’s work and your own story with the many features that Pinterest holds, such as organizing events for family/friends, sharing collections and creating a list of items that you might purchase in the future. It is indeed a fun site for those who are not too computers oriented, but know enough to enjoy the web relatively. Pinterest is great in the aspect that it is similar to Facebook, but minus all the drama. You can easily get down to the basics of sharing what inspires you in life.

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Pinterest can also be used for business purposes, as well as educational purposes. Since the website is so versatile in its coding, one can easily modify the way it is used by finding a loop-hole in the way you create projects or collections. You can create these collections by simply, pinning, your interests (almost like bookmarking.) If we look at Pinterest from a professional POV, we see that it is more than just a visual bookmarking website. It is also a strong social component which can easily make certain products, brands or ideas go viral. The great thing about this is that you can easily advertise your product through Pinterest by creating your own lists and connecting/relating with others. After relating with others, they will view your profile, interests and collections, thus leading to a possible sale. Other than producing sales, Pinterest can also be used for storing statistics and growth information of a company, as well as any negative occurrences during a specific time period where a certain rule was emplaced.

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