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Franchise Opportunity Network Guide

Almost half of the nation's business owners are working from home. Moreover, internet franchises offer not only the benefits of working from home online business, but also the opportunity to communicate with the click of a mouse.

There are many franchisors offering the benefit of working from a home-based setting. With these businesses, the franchisee has all the perks of a home-based online income as well as the personal satisfaction of meeting with clients face-to-face or even traveling around the world!

For those looking for a franchise business completely managed at-home, there are several options that are strictly work from home Internet franchises. The franchisee is not required to conduct any business apart from the comfort of a home office. Whatever you prefer, there are many franchise opportunities available to the aspiring entrepreneur. Below are some of the top 10 work from home internet franchises:

#1 Internet Marketing
This rapidly growing industry is quickly dominating the marketplace. This is because online purchases are soaring and continuing to increase every year, companies are looking for internet marketing teams to help get their websites noticed.

Furthermore, companies are offering franchisees the chance to profit from a growing e-commerce industry. As a business franchise, you supply website web hosting, domain registration, design or redesign, email marketing program, search engine optimization techniques and strategies, business email, etc. Moreover, technical background is not necessary. Since most internet marketing franchise businesses are willing to provide all necessary and relevant training, a franchise opportunities in the e-commerce business attainable to anyone with the motivation to run a successful business.

#2 Advertising Agencies
Franchisors such as Advertising Consultants are using the internet to expand their agencies by allowing franchisees to work from home-based office. The benefit to this type of franchise business is that it does not incur any costs associated with opening and operating new agency locations. Instead, agencies are able to set up new units across the country or around the globe by allowing franchisees to work from home. With a work from home internet Advertising Agencies franchise, all you need is just a computer, an internet connection and the training, which will surely be provided.

#3 Billing Systems
The healthcare industry is flourishing in many respects. But, you don't necessarily have to become a doctor or registered nurse to take advantage of this increasingly profitable business industry. In fact, physicians and their staff members are overwhelmed with the paperwork it takes to operate even a small practice. Most are outsourcing this paperwork to medical billing specialists. In most cases, by operating a medical billing system franchise, you are offering the sophisticated software programs available, relevant training, technical support and even marketing materials essential to launch a lucrative and successful online home-based business.

#4 Internet Research
The research field may not seem like the most exciting industry available to franchisees; however, it is among the most profitable business online. In marketing, for example, research is a dominant facet that most marketing and public relations practitioners are weary of building their career upon. Once they discover the potential financial benefits, they are more inclined to explore it. It's the same thing with internet research. These research companies gather contact information about prospective clients for businesses. They are willing to pay for strategic research because their sales is expected to increase significantly and quickly. Furthermore, human resource departments are using internet research tools to increase their efficiency in their process of hiring . Not only are they able to collect contact information, but even help them to distinguish potential candidates, those just browsing, from those actively seeking employment. More often, franchisees have the option of working with their clients currently belonging to the franchisor as well as any new clients they acquire.

#5 ATM Franchise
Few people keep large amount of cash in their wallets or purses. It is more safer to carry a bank card and get cash as needed, usually from an ATM teller. As ATM locations appear through the nation and the world, business entrepreneura are taking advantage of this franchising opportunity. Moreover, becoming a business franchise in this exciting industry does not require related experience. With any growing business opportunities, those who get involved early gain access to untapped markets; they are therefore ahead of the competition and have a chance to earn more wealth.

#6 Promotional Products
Have you ever looked in your kitchen cupboard and noticed that your most luxurious coffee mug came from your workplace? What about your favorite ink pen? Products like these are considered "freebies" for workers, customers and even potential clients for big businesses. What many people do not know is that these products are also advertising a particular company. This innovative form of advertising has become a lucrative franchise opportunity for those seeking an internet franchise allowing them to work online from home. While operating a business franchise from a promotional products , you have the opportunity to work with nonprofits and small businesses, schools and hospitals, human resource departments, etc. And, since these goods they purchase will be given away for free, repeat business is inevitable. Furthermore, franchisors offer training programs to prepare its franchisees for a successful run in the promotional products industry.

#7 Financial Companies
This franchise opportunity is ideal for someone with an accounting or financial background. In either situation, the financial company industries continues to expand, allowing business entrepreneurs to venture into this industry with a business franchise. Whether leasing or franchising a global brokerage company, franchisors are prepared to educate and equip their franchisees with all the training and support tools necessary to manage a winning franchise business. For potential businessmen with an interest in finance matter, there is a franchise opportunity that allows you to make this dream a lucrative reality while still working from your home based office.

#8 Outdoor advertising
There are many internet franchises focused on profiting from increasing sales online. A couple of the business franchises mentioned so far target this ever-increasing market. Traditional advertising media are still not obsolete by any means. Outdoor advertising infact, is financially rewarding and still allows you to work from your home based office. With no location to manage aand no employees to hire, you count more of your earnings as net profit. Furthermore, training and support are provided by the franchisee themselves. After all, your accomplishments contribute to your franchisor's success.

#9 Travel Agencies
While most travel agencies require franchisees to operate units outside the home, there are some who offer franchises to business professionals looking to work from home office. This type of business franchise relies mostly on communication over the phone or via the internet. Moreover, many travel agency franchisors provide discounted travel to those who run one or more of their franchise businesses online. If you are interested in the flexibility of a home-based income and traveling the world, this franchise opportunity is perfect.

#10 Healthcare Staffing
Over the past several years, shortages in the nursing industry have only continued to increase rapidly. Nursing schools are flocked with students hoping to obtain a position in this money-making business field. Good, entrepreneurs stand to gain monetarily from the nursing shortage by operating a medical staffing business franchise. These Staffing companies are responsible for bridging the gap between nurses looking for employment and hospitals in need of nursing professionals. Traditional staffing companies have nurses who are basically on call for hospitals in their areas that need nurses at the last minute. Like for example, a hospital may contact a staffing company because several nurses are unable to work during a single shift, thus, leaving the remaining hospital staff in a dire need situation. A member of the staffing company then goes through a list of nurses until the number of scheduled nurses is back up to par.

With many work from home medical recruitment agencies, this model is taken to the next level. For this type of business franchising, you act as an agent for the healthcare practitioner. You also have the chance to build a team of healthcare recruiters working with you to increase the number of customers. How much work you undertake depends on the amount of time you wish to work in addition to the amount of money you would like to make.

With each franchising opportunity, you have the benefits of working from home, and that includes flexible hours with a lower cost investments, few employees involved, etc. Most important of all, experience is not required to participate in any of these business franchises. What you need is the self-discipline and motivation it takes to work from home successfully and the thorough research it takes to determine which internet franchise is meant for you.

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