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Top 10 Internet Marketing Ideas Tips Techniques

As an Internet Marketer in today's markets, all we hear about is different Internet Marketing techniques with the hottest (and sometimes flash in the pan) techniques at the tip of everyone's tongue. More often it's something you've never heard before or just when you thought you knew what it was - it changed! I'm thinking about things like:

Pinterest business profiles
Twitter Marketing
EMD Updates and so on.

More of these are thrown down your throat during phone calls and in emails about how they can help grow your business and increase your revenue.

Today, I wanted to break down the top 10 things you can do for yourself with a small time investment each day. This may lead to thousands of dollars in increased revenue for your business, more exposure, and more traffic - and we're going to skip all the obvious ones I have listed above. Now, let's do it and get started!

Tip 1: Identify Your Target Audience - One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to target everyone. What you want to do is find your specific target audience, segmentize them, and then market to each group. You may need 3 sites to get the demographic information you need to know. Quantcast, Manta, and Facebook Ads.

Tip 2: Decide Your Marketing Goals - After you decide who you're going to target you need to decide why you are targeting such audience. Are you trying to get more exposure for your business? Or, do you want to increase your sales? Or, are you trying to drive more traffic to your site?

Tip 3: Decide What Your Web site Will Do - Now that you know who you are targeting and your marketing goals are, you need to decide what your Website will do for. Do you want a lead generation website that will make your phone ring? Or, do you want to set up a lead capture system so that you can capture the contact information on your visitors? What product do you want to sell?

Tip 4: Identify Targeted Search Phrases - The next thing you'll need to do is find some targeted search phrases (commonly called keywords) for your site. What are people searching into Google to find your business? Like for example, if you own a local pizza shop what should be people typing in besides pizza? Use a keyword tool to find it out. You'll see a long list of keywords people are searching on such as online pizza delivery, pizza shop places, order cheap pizza online, clean pizza restaurants, etc.

Tip 5: Create Unique Content - Nothing is more important to the lifeblood of your business than creating a compelling, unique, content. Let's go back to our previous example about pizza. How much unique content can you really create from a keyword pizza? Plenty. Especially if you're a locally owned pizza shop. You can talk about your great taste homemade pizza dough, its sauce made locally from harvested wild fresh tomatoes. You may talk about your dining atmosphere experience. Fast service. Before you know it your site becomes informative, authoritative and interesting.

Tip 6: Use Social Networking Sites- Use a combination of social media networking sites like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your own business. You can conduct contests, offer coupons, and provide relevant information and make a link back to your website. To continue with our pizza shop example, let's say that Tuesday nights are dead. You can tweet your follower about a buy 1 get 1 special good on Tuesday night as well as put it as a Foursquare special on checkin. You can post the same thing in your FaceBook page.

You can do this all at once using social media management tools such as Hootsuite or SproutSocial and even have it be a recurring note. So maybe it's sent out once a month to your followers. It will just take you 15min top to set it all up and even one order is a return on your investment.

Tip 7: Install Google Analytics - Installing an analytics package is easy. We are recommending Google Analytics because it's robust, and best of all it's free. 99% of businesses can get by with the data contained in Google Analytics. If you really want something super powerful you can try WebTrends or Coremetrics, but they can be too expensive. This will give you the ability to measure different metrics and behaviors on your site.

To continue with our pizza shop niche business, let's say you notice the bounce rate on your home page is 70%. This is terrible! You need to check out why. There could be a bunch of reasons. When you drill down you will notice that a bunch of people visiting your site don't actually live in your local area. But for the people that do live locally, you noticed that the bounce rate is only 10%. This means that your home page is great for your target market, so you can take it with a grain of salt. Without installing a package such as Google Analytics, you will never know why people are leaving your site.

Tip 8: Set up Google Analytics Goals - Goals are an essential part of marketing your online business. Google Analytics can help you get there. You can set up a number of different goals in GA. Time on page, Time on site, conversion goals such as making a phone call, filling out a form, etc. You can also measure how much each of these actions is worth and then figure out your marketing budget based on it.

Tip 9: Start a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign - There is nothing more powerful than instant traffic to your website. You can be up and running with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads in a matter of hours. Hire an expert, If you don't have the time or expertise to do this, by all means. For a simple PPC campaign, it's pretty straight forward and very easy. You can even offer coupons right in your ad! You can control when your ad appears and how much you need to spend. Just be very careful when setting up these paid systems. Start up with a small budget until you're comfortable with the system and understand how it work.

To continue with our example, let's say you want more business on Saturday night. You know the major chains and some of your competitors are killing it. You can run a PPC campaign that says kids eat free, by one get one, 50% off one entree, etc. You keep on running your ads until you find a winner. You can also build in a loyalty program using text message marketing (SMS) where your customers continue to get better and better deals.

Tip 10: Stay Current - One of the things you want to stay on top of is what your competitors are up to and also the latest tips and techniques for using Social media, PPC, and other IM tools. The easiest way to do this is to register for both Google alerts and Google reader.

Of course you can get an easy-to-read digest delivered to your inbox once a month with all the information you need for just $12 a month with

With Google alerts you can use any keyword phrase and choose how often you get updated whenever anyone posts anything online about your business keyword. So if Ed's Pizza is your main competitor in your local area you can set up an alert about it. That will go right into your inbox and you can use Google reader to organize and read any of your alert content. If Ed is offering a Two-on-Tuesday special you can make a competing offer.

Bonus Technique: Lead Capture System and Email - One of the most notorious mistakes business owners make is failing to capture the user information of their visitors. This is easy to fix. What you need to do is install a lead capture form to get your visitors email addresses. This will automatically add them to your email list and you can continue to market to them.
Again with the pizza! Yes. Sign-up for our email alerts and get our exclusive bring a buddy for free coupon. Set this up any way you like and then test it until you find a combination that works.

As you can see, marketing your business online is not an easy task, but it's not as hard as it sounds either. With cautious application and careful research, you can see huge returns on your Internet Marketing investment.

Doing the old stuff, yellow pages, billboards, direct mail, radio ads, and cold calling can still work, but none of that is nearly as cost effective or as lucrative as a successful Internet Marketing campaign.

So now what? Make a schedule. Take each one of the steps above and put it on your things to do. Then do it. Now jump in and keep going!

Top 10 Internet Marketing Ideas Tips Techniques

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