33 Websites for Playing Chess Online

Chess, with its rich history of origin in the Gupta Empire is one of the high powered dynamic games in the 21st century. After the death of the youngest prince of the Gupta empire in the battle, his brother devised the game of chess. In order to explain the scene of death to his mother, the invention of the game happened, in the 6th century.

With the original name of the game being known as Chaturanga, the game moved to Persia. At Persia, it derived its original name of Chess, from the Persian word Shah. In this article, we shall discuss the top 15 websites for playing chess online and reasons why everyone must play chess.

Benefits Of Playing Chess:

Let us dive straight into the benefits of playing the game, without wasting any further time:

Enhances the focus:

Being one of the straining games for the brain, it requires dedicated focus and concentration. Chess demands you to focus on your moves as well as memorize the moves of your opponent.

Grows anticipation:

The game is developed to anticipate the next move of your opponent. With the right anticipation of the next move, you can stay ahead of your opponent. Making you well versed to forecast the next move in the real name, thus growing your skills of strategy.

No move is from the textbook:

You need to create the next move depending upon the situation. There can be different moves to bail out of a certain situation in the game play. Thus, demanding you to be innovative and creative, the game is great for exercising your brain cells.

Life lesson preacher:

The truth about life is demystified in the game. The more you practice the game, the higher are the chances of making winning. It goes ahead to prove that only practice can put you at the top of your game.

Grows your sportsmanship:

After all, every game has a winner. So does chess, but the game is a real test of the sportsmanship spirit of the individuals. It helps you to know about the psychology of your opponents and develop social skills, too.

The Art Of Practice

If you have not started playing the game yet, it has not been too late. Nevertheless, even if you start today, you can ace the game. Make sure, you make it a habit to play the game, daily, to grow your logical skills. 

Best Websites for Playing Chess Online

  • chesstempo.com
  • chess.com
  • lichess.org
  • sparkchess.com
  • chess24.com
  • mathsisfun.com
  • chesstempo.com
  • chesskid.com
  • shredderchess.com
  • cardgames.io
  • chess.org
  • chessfriends.com
  • flyordie.com
  • chessstrategyonline.com
  • chessanytime.com
  • chessanytime.com
  • chesshere.com
  • chessclub.com
  • brainden.com
  • proprofs.com
  • pogo.com
  • chessmultiplayer.com
  • liavaag.org
  • thechesswebsite.com
  • gameknot.com
  • playok.com
  • chesshotel.com
  • betterthanchess.com
  • redhotpawn.com
  • computerchessonline.net
  • quickchess.net
  • bestsevenreviews.com
  • chessonlinefree.com
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