Essential Tools to Set up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The current digital revolution may have brought about transformations very similar to those that the industrial revolution caused by the worker of the 19th century. For businesses, it has become easier to reach the final consumer thanks to the internet tool, while for digital marketing professionals, a range of new tools has also appeared, making their work easier.

Digital today is the domain of everything possible, of “ making things happen. As a digital marketer, these facts have certainly not escaped you. In addition to having a modern, attractive and optimized site, for the year 2020, we offer you a selection of essential tools that any marketer should have at his disposal to set up their digital marketing strategy.

FlexClip, edit videos like a pro

As a digital marketer, you certainly need to create video presentations on your own behalf or behalf of your customers. FlexClip is one of the online automated video editing tools that can help you.

It offers a nice collection of media from which to draw, including lots of free video templates, audio tracks. In FlexClip, there are storyboard presets and specific features to add voiceovers, animated texts and various layout configuration options. Finally, FlexClip allows you to create HD videos and download them in MP4 format.

Canva: a free tool for creating visuals

” A picture is worth a thousand words.” according to Chinese wisdom. A saying that curiously applies to digital marketing. The image became the central part of the publication. The reason for this may be because we are no longer the generation of adrenaline but rather the generation of Emotion. Films, series, music … the programs that catch our attention are often the ones that transmit the most emotions to us. And that may be what the creators of the Canva platform understood.

Canva is an online graphic studio that allows you to create a whole series of media: images, Facebook or Twitter banners, illustrated quotes, ebook illustrations, etc. It is distinguished by its richness (a wide range of preloaded visuals), its ease of handling, but above all, by its intuitive layout. As such, the platform offers several learning tutorials to allow you to achieve quality renderings such as those provided by Photoshop software.
Available in free and paid version, you will be of great help in the creation of your visuals.

Surveymonkey, get the answers you need

Apple, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon… if these organizations have been so successful, it is mainly because their strategy has always been to process the opinions of their customers on all the phases of the creation of their products (the famous feedback ).

As a marketer, it is important to have a powerful tool to collect with precision the perception of your customers on your brand, your communication actions as well as your products and services. Surveymonkey is one of the options available to you.
The platform allows you to:

A very intuitive interface which offers great ease of monitoring and configuring email lists;

A great facility to create and personalize surveys;

Various preloaded and free survey models;

A “BASIC” version which is free with a large number of features;

A productive and affordable paid version.

Mailchimp, a tool to automate your email campaigns

Mailchimp appeared in the 2000s. Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, two designers, receive several complaints from their customers who have enormous difficulties in managing their customer database and their emailing campaigns. It is after this that the first version of the software is written.

Mailchimp is a platform specializing in email marketing, which, to date, is essential in the field of digital marketing. Concretely, it allows you to create, edit, and distribute your newsletters, offers, and other announcements to your audience. Mailchimp is very practical and contains a multitude of features. 
It is available in two tariff modes: the free or Foreverfree mode and the monthly and pays as you go modes which are chargeable. Mailchimp is a tool every marketer should use.

Hootsuite, manage all of your social networks from one place

As a marketer staying active on social media is vital to your organization. However, managing your accounts can require a huge investment of time, which you don’t have enough. Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to manage all your social accounts in real-time on a single interface.

The platform allows you to:

compose a message and publish it on all your accounts;

track the engagement of your different posts and measure your performance with easy-to-read graphics

schedule messages in advance;

track keywords and receive all related information.  

All in all, here is our selection of 5 tools that every marketer must use in 2020. We prefer these platforms because they are simple to use but also because they offer better results. 

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