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Nowadays among all search engines the dictator is Google. Still there are some meta search engines keep their heads up. Such a meta search engine is Dogpile.

Details about Dogpile

Dogpile is a meta search engine launched in November, 1996. As a Meta search engine it does not have its own database. It shows result by fetching results from other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.  Dogpile has it’s own algorithm of ranking the fetched data on its own SERP.  You will be able to retrieve the best information at one place as the data are collected from top search engines result. website's screenshot
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On the homepage you will find the search bar. You can search web, images, videos and news using different tabs.

When someone searches something, Dogpile send the search request to different search engine.

Then it applies it’s ranking algorithm on the cumulative result and send the output to the user.

In this article we will discuss about more 5 meta search engines like Dogpile :

1. Excite website's screenshot
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This site was introduced in 1995.It has 21K Global Alexa rank with 550K+ US visitor. Now this site is acquired by As well as meta search Excite provides weather news, sports news and Email services. An interesting untold is that in 1999 Google wanted to sell themselves to Excite for $1M. But Excite CEO George Bell denied to buy Google. Now Google’s net worth is near about $280 billion.

2. website's screenshot
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Another meta search engine in this list is Like Dogpile this website also crawls search result from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. From some specific type of searches it uses specific search engines. For business searches it uses search results of yellow and white pages. For individual person it shows result from and shopping related searches from This site is operated by the company “Infospace” that operate Dogpile website too.

3.Metacrawler website's screenshot
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This is another meta search engine developed by Aaron Collins as a PHD qualifying project. This websites fetches data from Yahoo, Google, and other search engine. Currently it has almost 3 K US visitors.

4. Startpage website's  screenshot
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Nowadays maximum search engines (Ex: Google) and social media sites (Ex: Facebook) collect our search data. By analyzing those big data they are spreading faster. But nobody wants that someone follow their activities. According to Startpage “PRIVACY: It’s not just our Policy – it’s our Mission!”. Using this site you will be able to protect your privacy. When they transfer your search queries to different search engines then they hide your IP address.  At the very beginning this site was known as In 2013 this site is merged with Startpage. Now this site is very popular for safe search services and it has 200K US visitors with a global Alexa rank of 1.48K.

5. Duckduckgo website's screenshot
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This is another safe meta search engine in our list though you can’t call it a fully meta search engine. As it has its own crawler named Duckduck bot. Still Duckduckgo fetches more 400 search engines result to show it’s users query including Google , Yahoo , Wikipedia etc. It also provide safe search as Startpage.

This site is the most popular (As per traffic) among all the meta search engine mentioned in this list.

If you are using Safari browser on you Mac then there is an option to make this site as default search engine. Seriously, if you are felling bore to use Google as your default search engine then it is the perfect time to opt for Duckduckgo.

General FAQ:

what is meta search engine?

A meta search engine does not have it’s own database or web crawler.It collects information from different reputed search engines like Google, Yahoo.

Is Dogpile a search engine?

No, it’s a meta search engine.

Is Dogpile safe?

Yes, it is totally legal to use this website. Though this website does not provide safe search.

Is Dogpile better than google?

Obviously no. Google has it’s own web crawler and database and there is no one who can break Google’s dictatorship.

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