Benefits of Guest Blogging and Blogging on Your own Website

In the field of Digital Marketing, Blogging plays an important role. To start with you must first have the knowledge of Blogging. Basically, it is the process of increasing traffic of any website by including genuine content which is relevant with the website’s niche. The content must be unique, grammatically error free and most importantly it must be experimentally tested. In short if we describe Guest Blogging it is a method of contributing to others blog and get a link to your own blog which increases the authority and traffic of your website. Also, you can be the author for your own website. In this blog we will deal with the benefits of Guest Blogging and blogging on your own website.

Benefits of blogging on your own website:

Not only blog sites, your website may be on some products or services but It is necessary to have a blog section on your website. Because it helps to describe the services or products properly. You must describe your product in such a way that people just say “Wow! what a tremendous product” and as a result your sells will increase. Also, it has more benefits…

1. Increases the Organic Traffic of your website

As we have mentioned about organic traffic it is our responsibility to make you understand what Organic Traffic is. Organic Traffic means to bring visitors to your website naturally referred by Google or Bing without the reference of any others blog.

How Organic Traffic Actually works? Suppose your website has some genuine contents and is related to some specific topics and if your blog has some experimentally tested values than Google or Bing will show your website on the top of their search page if the search results by the users matches the topic that your website has. This process is natural and doesn’t require a single penny of yours if you are a good blogger.

2. Earn Money from It:

Traffic equals to money. When visitors will start visiting your website then you may submit your website for Google Ad-sense approval.

Not only Google, there are other ad providers too. Banner ad, direct ads and sponsored post are another options to earn money.

3. Your website gets better feedback from Social Media

Now that people have started liking your blog as they are benefitted through your blogs, they will share your blog on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

As a result of mass sharing you will obtain visitors from those social media platforms mentioned above which in turn increases the authority of your website.

4. Enhances the authority of your website

Authority generally means that your website’s content is acknowledged by knowledgeable people in the industry. The question that arises from it is why anyone will praise your website despite the availability of thousands of websites that have the same niche which your website has. Tell me one thing, if your website has genuine, experimentally tested content that are beneficial for the readers of the blog who lands on your website, why one will not appreciate your blog?

So, if your website contains genuine content automatically you will obtain authority of your website and more people will share your blog.

Some of the benefits of Guest Blogging are discussed below

As mentioned above Guest Blogging is an important aspect of Digital Marketing or you can say that it is the Heart and Soul of any SEO project. Any project you are performing related to SEO, one of the major parts is to include Guest Blogging among the various other process such as Citation Building, Social Media Marketing etc. As it is the core of SEO then definitely it will generate some real values while performing SEO for your website. Some of those values that you will obtain from Guest Blogging are:

1. Obtains high Quality links for your website

High quality links are also termed as quality backlinks. If you contribute your blog to any other high authority sites, depending upon the genuineness and uniqueness of your blog, if those sites accept your blog then you will obtain a quality link to your own website from those high authority sites.

As the number of visitors on those high authority sites is high and if you obtain a backlink from those sites’ visitors will land on your website by clicking on those backlinks that you have obtained from those quality websites.

2. Guest Blogging also Pays off

Let us consider you have become a quality blogger after years of blogging experience for your website. Now you will be astonished to hear about the fact that you will be paid a lump sum amount for your blogging.

Yes, there are certain sites that pays for your quality of writing a great content on any topics. Just imagine none of the abilities of yours in terms of Guest Blogging are being wasted.

While concluding this blog it is worthy to say that if you are a good blogger than you must utilize all your talent of creating good content. It will not only be beneficial for your own website but also to the visitors who lands on your website. If you have such kind of potential don’t just waste it. Go ahead and built your career as a Guest Blogger and be on the top of the world.

3. Increase the Brand Value of your Product

Let’s just say that you are owner of certain product. Those types of products are also available on markets as competition is very high now-a-days. So, what is that thing that will give you a place on such type of competition?

If some high authority websites like Forbes refer your website then it will increase your brand value not only on Google but also users too. It is possible to get a link/reference from a high authority site by guest Post or guest Blogging.

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