With the change of the Google algorithm, it has become pertinent to have original content. Hence, it is suggested to share the contents, which are only authentic and original.  

Why plagiarized content is harmful to your website?

As the online content is increasing in its volume and the redundancy of the data is increasing, plagiarism is one of the major threats for online work. Let us discuss by discussing the definition of plagiarism.

The act of using someone else’s work, without giving them the due credits, on your website is counted under plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be one of the major setbacks for your website, which can impact the traffic of your website directly, to the extent of the website getting banned, completely.

Let us discuss the top 5 reasons as to why you should avoid plagiarized content on your website.

Avoid plagiarized content to have a healthy website:

Plagiarized content should be avoided at any cost. Since it is a strict no-no, you must make sure that your website has original content, which can make the website attract more visitors. Let us look into the reasons to avoid plagiarism.

1. Loss of the authenticity of the content: 

Often, with the growing number of websites present over the internet, the presence of plagiarized content is a big turn-off for the users. You cannot retain the users on your website for a long time if you are posting copied content. Users are looking for content that is real, authentic and fresh. Often, the presence of the stale content can drive away from the users and reduce the visitor rate from your website.

2.Change of meaning: 

As you decide to patch write from another website, it must not strike you that your source can also have an inspiration website. This ensures that the words get molded many times before you again patch-write the article. In the entire process, the words change their meanings a number of times, which would show your content in a different light and tarnish the image of your website.

3. Get penalized: 

Plagiarized content might end up getting penalized by the Google. With an aim to rank in the top ends up in plagiarized content, but you cannot fool the Search Engine. Trying to manipulate the search engine, can often bear a huge penalty.

4. Page rankings: 

Web-crawlers and search engines ensure that the page with the original content gets placed first, as well as the copied content shifts down in the google rankings Not adhering to unique content can harm the rankings of the page.

Here Are Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools.

Though some of them are paid for bulk checking. Still you can use for personal usage.

Website NameURL
Quetext https://www.quetext.com/
Dupli Checker https://www.duplichecker.com/
Small SEO Tools https://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/
Plagiarism Detector https://plagiarismdetector.net/
Pre Post SEO https://www.prepostseo.com/plagiarism-checker
Search Engine Reportshttps://searchenginereports.net/plagiarism-checker
Small SEO Toolz https://smallseotoolz.net/plagiarism-checker
Edu Birdie https://edubirdie.com/your-plagiarism-checker
Plagiarisma http://plagiarisma.net/
Plagly https://plagly.com/
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