Top 50 Social Bookmarking websites of 2020

With the growing internet and the increased traffic from the internet, social bookmarking is becoming an important tool for 2020. If you are looking for promoting your content over the internet then social bookmarking is a good option for you. Let us discuss why you should not write off social bookmarking in 2020, at all?

Social Bookmarking in 2020: Impacts to watch out for

As you create more valuable content, it becomes more important to drive traffic into your website. Though, the content is always the key factor to drive in your traffic, yet, it is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Social bookmarking is one such tool that can be used to stay ahead of the competition. Let us look at what is the relevance of social bookmarking in the year 2020.

1. SEO Benefit: 

You money website can get some direct traffic from bookmarking sites. As maximum bookmarking sites allow entering tag and description then there is a big opportunity to rank your contents URL which are bookmarked on a reputed site. I personally noticed one thing that some of my bookmarked URL is ranking higher than other contents. I don’t built any backlinks for those URLs only shared on some bookmarking sites. After some day my URLs ranking was improved. This is why social bookmarking becomes important in 2020, which ensures that you store the data and web-pages of relevance in a correct place.

2.Growth of e-business: 

2020 will see the phase of the growing e-business. If you are looking forward to growing your e-business, social bookmarking allows you to use the right keywords for your business. As per the niche of the business, the information can be broadcasted to the consumer through RSS feeds. This would increase the growth of the business in the longer run.

3. Easy accessibility of Others Content: 

The accessibility of the valuable web-pages is becoming more difficult with the dynamism of the internet. The increasing use of the internet has made data redundant, thus with the use of social bookmarking, the access time for the useful information shall be reduced.

4. Shared and saved at an ease: 

The information which is bookmarked can be shared or saved by the users as and when required. The data can be saved in an organized manner which can be shared as per the requirement with the people. With the growing network of people, it will help people with shared interests get connected too.

Top 50 Social bookmarking sites:

#Website URLDA(Domain Authority)
1. 92
2. 89
3. 91
4. 84
5. 50
6. 91
7. 93
8. 51
9. 88
10. 59
11. 88
12. 91
13. 92
14. 87
15. 53
16. 40
17. 74
18. 48
19. 52
20. 79
21. 93
22. 45
23. 80
24. 91
25. 95
26. 39
27. 39
28. 55
29. 90
30. 88
31. 95
32. 91
33. 45
34. 36
35. 30
36. 40
37. 59
38. 53
39. 35
40. 39
41. 80
42. 47
43. 40
44. 92
45. 88
46. 78
47. 51
48. 75
49. 36
50. 92

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