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An image can represent a whole story. Generally we use royalty free images for personal or commercial uses. But it is not possible to find the perfect match images as per our requirements. That’s why we built images based on our needs and use it on our blog or somewhere else.

Why we search Reverse Image?

When we want to check that does someone stole my image and uses their own purpose without any credit.

Sometimes when you search something you may notice that as a result an image only without any details. But you want the details about the image. In this purpose reverse image search can help you to retrieve the image from other sources. From those web sources you may get the details about the specific picture.

Different tools are available for reverse images search on PC and phone too.Lets take a look on these below examples…

Tools for Finding Reverse Image on PC:

1. Tineye :

Tineye -website for reverse image search
This screenshot is taken from

I found this site at number one position on Google when I was searching for reverse image search websites. For maximum quality and quantity result you can use this website.

This websites crawls million images daily and stored those images on their database. You don’t need to worry about that because the crawled images or your searched imaged on Tineye does not indexed on Google or other search engines.

How this website find duplicate images:

There are two option for searching images.You can search by entering the image URL and uploading the raw image file.

When someone search an image it makes a digital fingerprint of the searched images and find the same fingerprint on their database.

In search result you may find higher resolution images as well as partial match images .But you will not find similar images which contain different topics.

2. Prepostseo :

Prepostseo -reverse image search
Screenshot is taken from

This is another good website for reverse image search. As well as image search this website provides other free services like plagiarism checker, DA (Domain Authority) checker and IP checker.

This website don’t have own algorithm to find out reverse images. Results are shown based on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches.

3. Duplichecker :

This screenshot is taken from

Another website for free reverse image search is Duplichecker. Mechanism of this website is same as Prepostseo.

These type of websites does not have own database. That’s why it fetches the results from other search engines.

Instead of searching here you may search the image directly on Google.

How to search reverse image on Google PC:

  • Click on the top right side corner image search option on homepage.
Screenshot taken from
  • Click on the camera icon on search bar.
  • You will notice both the URL and upload search option.

How to Find Reverse Image on Phone?

You don’t need to brows any website on phone. Like PC you can search direct images on your phone too.

  • Open chrome browser.
  • Type
  • Search the image URL.
  • Click on the image and you will see a google lens.
  • Tap on the lens then you will find if there is any reverse images regarding to your search.

All these websites/tools are mentioned above are for reverse or duplicate image searches.

There are tools for finding similar images too.

Below website is the best website for similar image search:


  • Open this URL
  • Click the camera icon and upload the image.
  • You will find similar images with different contents.

Final Words:

In this article we have discussed about finding reverse images and similar images websites. All websites are totally free and safe to use.If you find similar kind of websites then leave a comment .We will add in our list.

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