Top 5 USB Gadgets you need to try

The Invention of USB gadgets is a revolution in today’s world. To some extent these Gadgets have made life easier as they are much handy products. These gadgets can be used in our daily life as important things. They are not only used while you are in home but also can be used where ever you want. For example, you can use them while you are travelling or you are in home and there is a power cut, no matter in what conditions you are. What you need is just a power source. These gadgets can draw power from your laptop or from your power bank and can be very handy sometimes when required. Some of these gadgets are elaborately discussed below with every detail or you can say with their descriptions.

Coffee Warmer

These are gadgets that are used for keeping your coffee, tea or milk warmer. These gadgets are usually known as mug heaters. They can maintain a temperature of 60 degree Celsius or up to 140 degree Fahrenheit. It doesn’t require any battery for its operation. The heating element has the diameter of 7.92 cm or 3.12 inches. The price of these devices generally starts from $10 to $50 or more. It is incapable of heating any beverages but is capable of keeping the beverage warm.


It can be of two types. One is of normal USB Type and another is of Type-C . Both has to draw power from different power source. A general USB type fan can draw power from your Laptops or from your power bank and Type-C portable USB fan can draw power from your Type-C port mobile phone. Both these types of fans drain very less battery from the device from where it is taking the power. Its price starts from $10 and can reach a limit of up to $2000 to $3000. Generally they are made of brushless motor for long lasting and quieter cooling. Its rating is as low as 5 volts and power consumption is 1 watt.

Thermoelectric Cooler Warmer

You might have heard about USB refrigerators. But do you know in a single USB device you can keep your bottle of water or a can of beer cool and can you imagine vice-versa is also possible. That is you can also keep your drinks hot as well as cool. This gadget drops to its lowest temperature in less than 15 minutes if plugged in. It is compatible with PC, car USB port, your power bank and also other USB power source. It doesn’t require any batteries for its operation. Its characteristics are its lightness, portable and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its capacity is to hold a bottle of drinks ranging from 350ml to 600ml. Its price starts from $20.

LED USB lights

These USB gadgets are very useful especially when there is a power cut or you are working in dark and suddenly require some light, you just have to connect this device with your laptop, PC, or your power bank and you will obtain a decent light which is sufficient to see objects on your working table. Imagine you don’t need to get up from your chair and turn the lights on. It has a rated voltage of 5 Volts and consumes power of 1.2 Watts. Its weight is also very light. Can be very useful in case of emergency.

Westminster world’s smallest blower

It is a gadget that is must required for your electronic device. It is very handy product for cleaning your laptop’s keyboard and other ports where dust accumulation takes place. It is not only useful for your laptop but also for all your electronic devices where there are chances of dust accumulation.

The gadgets that are described above are of much importance and will be beneficial to you as they are portable and too much handy and can be used whenever required. They are very much energy efficient and also cost effective. All the gadgets with their specifications that are mentioned and discussed above will be required if you are interested in buying them and as you have acquired a detailed knowledge about them from this blog you will definitely be able to select the right one for you.

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