Are you going to join a coding company and have a slow typing speed? Or are you applying for a job that gives high importance to the typing speed? Well, if you are looking to improve his typing speed, look no further.

This article talks about the ways in which you can increase the speed of typing. You need not worry about failing the typing tests as these small tactics will help you ace it. Eventually, you can ace the test and get through by following the mentioned methods

Tips to increase speed:

The speed of your timing is measured in words per minute. Though the standard speed of typing is 40 WPM, you can increase it after following these steps:

Improve the seating posture:

When you sit for typing, ensure that your seating posture is well balanced. A balanced seating posture enables you to visualize the keyboard better. With the perfect angle to the keyboard, you can type better.

Make sure you know the home row:

The row with A, S, D, and F is called the home row. Make sure your fingers are curved and placed over this row, while you begin typing. Since your fingers come back to the same row after typing, you must ensure that they are positioned close to the home row.

Color code the keyboard:

If you are new to learning the typing, make sure that you color code the keys. It shall help you to memorize the keyboard, thus ensuring that you learn to type faster.

Stay calm:

You are not going to increase the speed of typing overnight. You need to be practical and need to keep on practicing typing, without thinking about the speed, too much. You must look at the words or visualize them before you start typing. It shall help you to focus more on the efficiency and accuracy of typing and less on the speed.

Take a break:

Don’t forget to take the most essential break in the middle. Never forget that typing, just like any other exercise, must not be overdone. You need to keep doing it regularly, in a disciplined manner.

Take typing test online for Practice:

When you learn something new, you must ensure that you do it every day. If you develop learning into a habit, you can ace it quickly. You should not skip the practice of typing and keep on doing it regularly, to ace the art of typing faster. There are many free websites online from where you can take a typing speed test for measuring your improvement.Lets take a look..

Here is the list of websites that provides Free Typing Test:

Website Name URL
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Skill Meter
Grammar Checker
10 Fast Fingers
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Typing Test Now
The practice Test
Type Dojo
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Rapid Typing
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Alfa Typing
India Typing
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Aptitude Test
Career Step
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