Paid Blogging: 50+ Websites That Pay Writers in 2020

If you are a writer and searching for jobs then you are in the right place.

There are some good freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork from where you can get orders for writing content.

But your writing gig is not always full of orders due to heavy competition on these sites nowadays. Also finding a good-paying
client is not easy all the time.

“Content is king” may be the concept from one decade ago still the content creators don’t get the real value.

SO, if you are really willing to get paid for Writing then take a look at the below websites that pay writers in 2020.

Benefits of Paid Blogging:

Besides your job, you may take paid blogging as a source of passive income.

Blogging on a reputed website can help you to be a reputed blogger.

If you are an expert in any field like technology or marketing then you can build your career on blogging.

Not only guest blogging, but you can also start your own blog and earn money from it.

Websites That Pay Writers

Here Are Top 13 Such Websites:

1.  Ecommerce Insiders:


The topic must be about e-commerce related.

Application without writing samples will not be approved.

Send them an idea about the topic that you want to write for their website.


400-600 words- $75

600+ words-$125

2. The Penny Hoarder:


The ideal length of content is 700-900 words.

The niche should be like Smart Money, Success Stories, Travel, Lifestyle.

Content them with your topic ideas before start writing.


No specific rate is mentioned. You need to contact them about the price.

If you don’t want money for writing then you can get a link back to your site from the author bio section.

3. Stretcher


They are looking for how to save money or make money from home-related articles.

Ideally, word count should be 700-800 words.

Rather than your own opinion, they prefer some reputed specialist quotes about the topic.

Pitch them the idea of the topic before start writing.


$0.10 per word.

4. Scotch:


Choose a great article title.

The content tone should be teaching type.

To show your code quality provide a codepen sample if you have.

Content should be grammatically 100% error-free and no spelling errors.


Up to 150 USD per article depending on quality.

5. Photoshop Tutorials:


Only photoshop related tutorials will be accepted.


$50 for a quick tutorial.

$150-$300 for a full tutorial.

6. Snel:


The topic must be about web design, coding, hosting or domain-related.

Should follow a pattern like: Title>Intro>Explanation>Conclusion.


For the first three articles, you will get 39 Euro per article or 69 Euro per article on Snelwallet balance. You can spend Snelwallet balance on buying their services.

After three submissions you will be an author and payment will be increased.69 Euro direct payment or $99 Snelwallet balance.

7. Income Diary:


They are currently looking for SEO, Keyword research, driving traffic to the website, affiliate marketing, buy and sell websites related article.

No spun content will be accepted. For more information visit there page.


They pay up to $200 for a quality article.

When submitting your article for review you may include your basic fee.

8. TechoPedia:


They prefer 600-1200 words articles.

The niche should be on AI, new tech innovation, gadgets, IT, data science-related.

Include an author bio at the end of the content.


Definitely they pay a good amount to the writers. But to know the exact price you may reach out to them.

9. WpHub:


They are looking for topics about WordPress related coding, WordPress themes, and plug-ins, web design trends, etc.

Do not send topics about the theme or plug-in review, upcoming WordPress features.

800-1200 words lengthy content.


$100-$200 per article depending on word count and topic’s quality.

10. Copy Hackers:


Article length must be 2000+ words.

The headline should be catchy and the tone should be in the first person. Like: How I earned $3000 within a month by Domain Flipping.

They prefer digital marketing, social media, product marketing, SEO related niches.

Don’t submit your article if the topic is not well researched. They only publish one article among 30 submissions.


$300-$1000 depending on quality.

11. Raising Arizona Kids:


Sorry to say, this site is applicable only for Arizona based writers.

Topics must be on raising kids/parenting in Arizona related.

You must need to mention your original name, phone number and email address in the article.


300-600 words-$75

1000+ words-$200

12. Greatist:


Topics they want: Mental health, relationship, weight loss, social media, a career that means a better way to live life.

Topics they don’t cover: Article related to any specific place. Joys and difficulties of some specific person.

A strong title and own creation or clicked picture and gifs.


$125 for a 1000-1500 words article.

13. Listverse:


You don’t need to be an experienced writer to contribute to this website. Just build a list and submit.Ex. Top 10 websites that pay writers, Top 10 movie review websites, Top 10 plagiarism checker tool.

Submission must be about minimum of 10 items.

Content must be rich in English and well-researched topic.

Don’t need to attach an image or video in content.


They will pay you $100 through Paypal.

Paypal is the only medium for transaction on this website.

You can get a link back to your own blog from the author’s bio section.

More Websites that are paying Now:

# Website Payment Niche
14 $50-$150 Business
15 $50-$300 Poetry
16 $200 Essay/
17 Need to contact them. Parenting
18 $350- $600 Programming
19 N/A Lifestyle
20 $75 Parenting
21 Reach out them News
22 $150 Travel
23 $50 Artwork
24 Need to reach out Lifestyle
25 $.25 to $1.50 per word News
26 $100 to $2000 Fiction/Poetry/Essay

Stay tuned. This list will be extended soon.

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