Why micro-segmentation networking is the future of cybersecurity?


Micro-segmentation networking has become the modern ways of networking in terms of internet security. With the growing rates of cyber crime, the engineers have devised this modern way of protecting your system against data breaches.


With the growing complexity of the systems, it gets complex to handle the entire system as a whole. Rather fragmenting it into tiny and manageable segments is always a helpful approach. It is very essential to manage your networks in a way that potential hacking and data breach can be restricted.


Though it might sound extensively easy approach, it is interesting to notice that micro segmenting comes along with a few challenges too.


  • Handling of the cloud environment posses difficulty due to the dynamic nature of the cloud environment.


  • Existing flows of the application are not mapped down properly, leading to further complications.


  • Not having a proper sequence of the firewall policy and the micro-segmentation, such that it leads to a new set of confusion regarding the execution.


  • Not keeping updated with the changing firewalls and dynamics of the same, thus increasing chances to be exposed to vulnerability.


In this way of handling the communication, the ones which are beneficial and related to the business environment are allowed for communication. But, the rest of the communication is blocked, due to micro-segmentation.

Bespoke rules as per the organization are set up which are as per the norms. Upon installation of the cloud, the default settings need to be changed as per the rules. This ensures that illegitimate traffic is being blocked by the firewall. Cyber criminals are always on the lookout to extract the vulnerabilities present in the security system and inject data breaching software. The breaching of the data can pose serious problems to your business as the compromise of the data can harm the reputation. Micro-segmentation leads to the virtual firewall on each of your servers, thus protecting it against any breach of data.


Micro segmentation plays a major role in keeping updated with the changing technologies and updates in the domain of network security. If your system is not updated on a periodic basis, it becomes difficult to maintain the data security as the new methods of data, compromise takes place every time.


The evolution of the cyber security industry has led to the requirement of robust technologies to protect against a data breach. Micro-segmentation allows users to create multiple firewalls such that you can have easy lateral movements across the servers in time of the cyber-attacks. Consistency of the security policy across the data center is thus an essential thing. The phased manner in which the data is being protected in the organization is an important aspect of micro-segmentation.


It is an essential method in which maps are created and for establishing the barriers and monitoring the movement across the same. Providing security at the granular level is why you must look for micro-segmentation. The enhancement of the security features is why you must tune into the micro-segmentation to reduce the vulnerability of your system and enhance the security.

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