When you are writing something on MS word then you will see the word count automatically. But not every it is not possible to count the word using the Micro Soft word. Sometimes you need to calculate the word count from a web page. Then it’s better to open a new window in browser and count the words from online tools. It will save your time too.

Today in this listicle we will be discussing about the free online word counter tools that are easy to use.

Here are top 5 online word counter tools:

1. Word Count Tools

The benefit of this tool is it calculate characters(with space and without space) also.

Just open the homepage.You will find a box to paste your text. Counted words and characters will be displayed on the right upper corner of the website.

If you need deep analysis of your texts just scroll down the page. From the right side bar you will find the the total Syllables , Sentences , Unique Words , Top keyword density etc.

2. Keyword Tool:

Count words using keyword tool

This is the 2nd tool on our list. After pasting your text you will be able to count total characters, words, paragraphs and sentences.

Though this site is mainly used for research keywords .There are specific options for research keywords for different platforms like Google, Bing, YouTube, Instagram.

3. Easy Word Count

Easy word count tool

Another handy word counter tool is Easy Word Count tool. Over 92K users like this tool for word counting. The process is very easy to use like the previous tools.

4.Word Counter:

Tool for calculate the number of words

As well as word counting this website check the grammatical errors too. It has almost 150K visitors only from US.

5. Scribendi:

Scribendi word counter tool

This is the last website in our top 5 list. From this tool you will find only word counting option. Character counter feature is not available here.

Here are some more tools/websites for calculating the word number of a text:


We found all these sites those are working properly. If you found some other word counter tool, please leave a comment. We will add your suggested tool in this list.

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